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 +====== Output http_media ======
 +The output file will save images or video from the web in files.
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^ Name ^ Type ^ Default value ^ Description ^
 +|prefix|string|/​tmp/​|Prefix for the file path.|
 +|log_file|string|http.log|Log filename.|
 +|log_format|string|$server_name $client_addr $username $url [$query_time] "​$first_line"​ $status $response_size|Lof format. See event [[pom-ng:​analyzer:​http#​http_request|http_request]] for details.|
 +|dump_img|bool|yes|Enable dumping images.|
 +|img_min_surface|uint32|90000|Minimum image surface (height * width).|
 +|dump_vid|bool|yes|Enable dumping videos.|
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