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 Depending on the RR type, multiple values are available : Depending on the RR type, multiple values are available :
-^ RR Type Value ^ Type ^ Description ^ +^ RR type name ^ RR type value Values ​^ Type ^ Description ^ 
-|A|a|ipv4|IPv4 address of the A record.| +|A|1|a|ipv4|IPv4 address of the A record.| 
-|AAAA|aaaa|ipv6|IPv6 address of the AAAA record.| +|AAAA|28|aaaa|ipv6|IPv6 address of the AAAA record.| 
-|CNAME|cname|string|Canonical name.| +|CNAME|5|cname|string|Canonical name.| 
-|PTR|ptr|string|Pointer name.| +|PTR|12|ptr|string|Pointer name.| 
-|MX|mx_pref|uint16|MX preference.| +|MX|15|mx_pref|uint16|MX preference.| 
-|:::​|mx|string|Mail exchange server.|+|:::|:::​|mx|string|Mail exchange server.|
 +===== Parameters =====
 +^ Name ^ Type ^ Default value ^ Description ^
 +|anti_spoof|bool|false|Prevent spoofing by accepting only replies that match a query.|
 +|q_timeout|uint32|10|Query timeout for anti-spoofing protection.|
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