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 +====== Analyzer sdp ======
 +Perform basic analysis of an SDP payload as defined in RFC [[rfc>​4566]].
 +===== Payloads ====
 +==== sdp ====
 +^ Field ^ Type ^ Description ^
 +|username|string|Username in the '​o'​ line.|
 +|sess_id|uint64|Session ID in the '​o'​ line.|
 +|sess_version|uint64|Session version in the '​o'​ line.|
 +|sess_addr_type|string|Network type, usually '​IN'​ from the '​o'​ line.|
 +|sess_addr|string|Network address of the session from the '​o'​ line.|
 +|sess_name|string|Session name from the '​s'​ line.|
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