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====== Core ====== ===== Command line arguments ===== ^ Short name ^ Long name ^ Description ^ |-d|--debug=LEVEL|Specify the debug level <0-4> (default: 3).| |-h|--help|Print the help.| |-u|--user=USER|Drop privilege to the specified user.| |-s|--system-store=STORE|URI to use for the system datastore (default: 'sqlite:system?dbfile=~/.pom-ng/sys_datastore.db').| |-t|--threads=num|Number of processing threads to start (default: number of cpu - 1).| ===== Global parameters ===== Here is a list of the core parameters : ^ Name ^ Type ^ Default value ^ Description ^ |dump_pkt|bool|no|Dump the packets to the console as they are processed. This is useful for debugging.| |offline_dns|bool|yes|Enable the offline DNS resolver.|

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