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====== Protocol smtp ====== This module parses HTTP connections as defined in RFC [[rfc>821]], [[rfc>1869]] and others. ===== Events ===== ^ Name ^ Payload associated ^ Description ^ |smtp_cmd|no|SMTP commands from the client.| |smtp_reply|no|SMTP reply from the server.| ==== smtp_cmd ==== This event is generated for each client command. ^ Field ^ Type ^ Description ^ |name|string|Command name. For example "EHLO".| |arg|string|Command arguments.| ==== http_response ==== This event is generated for each reply from the server to the client. ^ Field ^ Type ^ Description ^ |code|uint16|Reply code. For example 220.| |text|string list|List of each reply text line. Each line of a multiline reply will be in a different item.| ===== Packet fields ===== None. ===== Parameters ===== None.

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