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 +===== match_rtp =====
 +This module match RTP packets. RTP packets are most of the time encapsulated in UDP datagrams. Because of this, it's impossible to determine that a UDP datagram contains a RTP packet. You have to tell packet-o-matic that a packet contains RTP packet or it won't be able to find it out. This is done simply by creating a rule that containes the RTP layer. For example, the following rule assume that all UDP datagrams from are RTP packets :
 +  ethernet | ipv4.src == | udp | rtp
 +This module has the following fields :
 +^ Field name ^ Field type ^ Description ^
 +|payload_type |uint8 |Payload type, see [[http://​​assignments/​rtp-parameters|RTP parameter number assignement]] for a list of value |
 +|ssrc |uint32 |Syncronization source |
 +|seq |uint16 |Sequence number |
 +|ts |uint32 |Timestamp of the packet |