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-And to think I was going to talk to somonee ​in person about this.+===== target_display ===== 
 +This target will display information about the matched packets. 
 +==== Mode normal ==== 
 +In this mode, informations about packet headers will be displayed. Here are the parameters ​ of this target : 
 +^ Name ^ Default value ^ Description ^ 
 +|skip|0|Number of headers ​to skip in the packet. For example, if you don't want to see the informations about the ethernet layer, set skip to 1.| 
 +|debug_level|3|Debug level used when outputting the informations.| 
 +|print_hex|no|Additionally to the header informations,​ target_display will show the packet content ​in hexadecimal.| 
 +|print_ascii|no|With ​this set to yes, a dump of printable characters found in the packet will be displayed.| 
 +|conntrack|no|If this is enabled, the target will save connection tracking informations for each connection. With this, you'll see all the packets of each connection. Not only the packets in a single direction.| 
 +==== Mode connection ==== 
 +In this mode, target_display will only show header information once for each new connection. It only has the parameter skip which behaves exactly like above. 
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