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-===== target_tcpkill ===== 
-This target will send TCP RST packets for each tcp packet it receive. This closes the TCP connection immediately. It supports either TCP packets over ipv4, over ipv6 or even over ipv6 tunneled into ipv4. 
-==== Mode interface ==== 
-In this mode, packets are sent directly to an interface. 
-Parameters : 
-|severity|2|Number of TCP RST packets to send for each matched packets. The sequence will be increased by the window size for each packet.| 
-|interface|eth0|The interface to send the packets to.| 
-==== Mode routed ==== 
-In this mode, the packets will be routed by linux. This doesn'​t work for ipv6 packets. The only parameter is severity and has the same usage that was is described above. 
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