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Analyzer dns

This analyzer listens to DNS packets and generates events out of them. Its main goal is to create an event each time a new DNS record is found.


Name Payload associated Description
dns_recordnoContains all the information about a DNS record from the reply of a server.


This event is generated for each record seen in a DNS reply.

Field Type Description
namestringName of the record.
ttluint32Time to live.
typeuint16Record type.
classuint16Record class.
valuessee belowValues of the RR.

Depending on the RR type, multiple values are available :

RR type name RR type value Values Type Description
A1aipv4IPv4 address of the A record.
AAAA28aaaaipv6IPv6 address of the AAAA record.
CNAME5cnamestringCanonical name.
PTR12ptrstringPointer name.
MX15mx_prefuint16MX preference.
mxstringMail exchange server.


Name Type Default value Description
anti_spoofboolfalsePrevent spoofing by accepting only replies that match a query.
q_timeoutuint3210Query timeout for anti-spoofing protection.
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