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Analyzer http

This analyzer listens for http_query and http_response events as well as http packets and generates the http_request event and its associated payloads.


Name Payload associated Description
http_requestyesCompound event containing informations from both http_query and http_response event.


Field Type Description
server_namestringHostname of the server, fetched from the header “Host” in the query.
server_addripv4 or ipv6IPv4 or IPv6 address of the server.
client_addripv4 or ipv6IPv4 or IPv6 address of the client.
server_portuint16Port on the server side.
client_portuint16Port on the client side.
request_protostringHTTP protocol version used for the request.
request_methodstringHTTP method used (e.g. GET, POST, …).
first_linestringFirst line of the query.
urlstringURL requested.
query_timetimestampTime when the query was sent.
response_timetimestampTime when the response was sent.
usernamestringName of the user.
passwordstringPassword of the user.
statusuint16Response status.
query_headersstring listList of headers in the query.
response_headersstring listList of headers in the response.
post_datastring listList of POST data from forms on the pages.
query_sizeuint64Size of the query payload.
response_sizeuint64Size of the response payload.
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