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====== Analyzer http ====== This analyzer listens for [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_query|http_query]] and [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_response|http_response]] events as well as [[pom-ng:proto:http]] packets and generates the http_request event and its associated payloads. ===== Events ===== ^ Name ^ Payload associated ^ Description ^ |http_request|yes|Compount event containing informations from both [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_query|http_query]] and [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_response|http_response]] event.| ==== http_request ==== ^ Field ^ Type ^ Description ^ |server_name|string|Hostname of the server, fetched from the header "Host" in the query.| |server_addr|ipv4 or ipv6|IPv4 or IPv6 address of the server.| |client_addr|ipv4 or ipv6|IPv4 or IPv6 address of the client.| |server_port|uint16|Port on the server side.| |client_port|uint16|Port on the client side.| |request_proto|string|HTTP protocol version used for the request.| |request_method|string|HTTP method used (e.g. GET, POST, ...).| |first_line|string|First line of the query.| |url|string|URL requested.| |query_time|timestamp|Time when the query was sent.| |response_time|timestamp|Time when the response was sent.| |username|string|Name of the user.| |password|string|Password of the user.| |status|uint16|Response status.| |query_headers|string list|List of headers in the query.| |response_headers|string list|List of headers in the response.| |post_data|string list|List of POST data from forms on the pages.| |query_size|uint64|Size of the query payload.| |response_size|uint64|Size of the response payload.|

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