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Analyzer ppp_pap

This analyzer listens to the events ppp_pap_request and ppp_pap_ack_nack events and create the event ppp_pap_auth containing the details of the authentication attempt.


Name Payload associated Description
ppp_pap_authnoDetails of an authentication attempt.


This event is generated each time someone succeed or fails to authenticate.

Field Type Description
clientvariousClient address. Can be an IP or a MAC or empty for raw PPP.
servervariousServer address. Can be an IP or a MAC or empty for raw PPP.
top_protostringProtocol encapsulating PPP if any.
vlanuint16VLAN where the authentication occurs if any.
identifieruint8Identifier of the authentication attempt.
successboolTrue if the authentication succeeded.
peer_idstringPeer-id (username) who authenticated.
passwordstringPassword of the user.
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