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Features wishlist

Here is a list of features that were requested by users. Don't hesitate to add your feature wish and/or comment !

Title Description Comment/Discussion
Drone inputCreate a small drone program able to sniff and send traffic to a central pom-ng instance.The drone's packet filter could be controlled from pom-ng. Multiple drones could connect to a pom-ng input and be handled the same way altogether.
Optional system datastoreDon't make a system datastore mandatory.This is definitely low priority. Sqlite3 is a good default datastore and is available on most systems. It will probably be implemented if some user requires no datastore at all.
DVBv5 API migrationMigrate DVB inputs to the DVBv5 API.The DVBv5 API might make things more difficult for the user since you have to select as well the delivery system for the input. Low priority for now. Might change if some card only work with DVBv5.
Protocol signature matchingAllow protocols such as TCP to match the next protocols based on a signature.This is definitely useful for traffic on non standard ports.
NFS protocolCreate events for NFS requests, including NFSv4 COMPOUND statements.Example using tshark and awk (doesn't work with NFSv4):
Mysql datastoreImplement MySQL support.Low priority until outputs make more use of datastores.
Use alloca()Compile time conditional use of alloca()Have a macro such as pom_alloca(), pom_freea(), pom_strndupa() to enable at compile time the use of alloca().
Rework TCP bufferingHave a better algorithm for TCP queuing and buffering that takes in account tcp window to calculate the buffer sizeHigh priority, this is needed to prevent too much buffering when sniffing docsis and wifi.
TZSPCode tzsp support. This include parsing the TZSP protocol as well as an input listening on an UDP port for TZSP packets and an output able to send packets encapsulated in TZSP.Moderate priority, might be a good protocol to use for the drone.
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