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====== Features wishlist (aka TODO list) ====== Here is a list of features that will be implemented sooner or later. ===== Core ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Port to non-x86 arch|Not started|Undefined|Non-x86 arch are not allowed to perform non-aligned access. Proto 802.11 needs special handling for that and the rest of the code needs to be tested. ARM doesn't seem to suffer with unaligned access. Test will have to be done on HPPA or other non-x86 architecture not handling unaligned access.| |Make system datastore optional|Not started|Undefined|Don't make a system datastore mandatory.| |Improve packet listener|Done|v0.0.11|Make packet listener process protocols earlier in the code in case one of the later protocol issues PROTO_STOP.| |Conntrack cleanup|Done|v0.0.7|Cleanup the conntrack code to drop the field_id definitions and handle timeout when no child in the core.| |Conntrack expectations|Done|v0.0.7|Allow conntracks to match related connections. Useful for protocols such as FTP or VoIP ones to match the additional connections.| |Statistics|Done|v0.0.8|Add support for statistics. It should be possible to add any type of counter or gauge.| |Improve locking contention|Done|v0.0.9|Try to reduce lock contention by using gcc atomic builtin where possible. Clock would be a good start.| ===== Inputs ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |DVBv5 API migration|Not started|Undefined|Migrate DVB inputs to the DVBv5 API.| ===== Protocols ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Signature matching|Not started|Undefined|Allow protocols such as TCP to match the next protocols based on a signature. This will probably be useful only when more protocols are supported.| |NFS statistics|Not started|Undefined|Extract statistics about NFS requests, including NFSv4 COMPOUND statements. Example using tshark and awk (doesn't work with NFSv4):| |SMTP protocol|Done|v0.0.10|Parse SMTP protocol.| ===== Datastore ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Use home path for default datastore|Not started|Undefined|By default, the system datastore points to the current directory to store the db file (./pom-ng.db). It should point to ~/.pom-ng/sys_dstore.db or similar.| |Posgresql|Not started|Undefined|Implement Postgresql support.| |Mysql|Not started|Undefined|Implement MySQL support.|

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