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Input docsis

Input docsis will read DOCSIS packets from a DVB-C or a ATSC/QAM card.
It it optimised for DOCSIS packets in several ways :

  • It will read only MPEG packets with the DOCSIS PID from the DVB card using hardware filtering
  • DOCSIS packets will be reassembled on the input level, making it faster for the core to process them
  • Both DVB-C and ATSC/QAM cards are supported and the correct DOCSIS version will be used accordingly
  • Less configuration parameters are required since DOCSIS have mandatory symbol rate


Name Type Default value Description
adapteruint160Specify which DVB adapter to use in /dev/dvb/adapterX
buff_pkt_countuint1610Number of MPEG packets to read at once from the DVB card.
frequencyuint320Specify the frequency to tune to in Hz.
frontenduint160Specify which frontend to use in /dev/dvb/adapterX/frontendY
modulationstringQAM256Select which modulation to use. Either 'QAM64' or 'QAM256'.
tuning_timeoutuint163Timeout in seconds when trying to tune to a given frequency.


Name Payload associated Description
dvb_statusnoProvide locking status of the input.


This event is generated when the DVB card locking status changes.

Field Type Description
adapteruint16Adapter number.
frequencyuint32Current frequency the card is tuned to.
frontenduint16Frontend number.
input_namestringName of the input.
lockboolTrue if the card has a lock, false otherwise.
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