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Input docsis_scan

The input docsis_scan will scan for DOCSIS streams in the whole frequency plan. By default, the input will only look at the standard frequency plan. If you have a ATSC/QAM card, it will use the american frequency plan. If you have a DVB-C card, it will use the european frequency plan.
To speed things up, the scan will start at a frequency most likely to contain a DOCSIS stream and will continue at the begining of the spectrum afterwards.


Name Type Default value Description
adapteruint160Specify which DVB adapter to use in /dev/dvb/adapterX
add_inputboolyesIf enabled, an input pre-configured for each stream found will be added.
buff_pkt_countuint1610Number of MPEG packets to read at once from the DVB card.
frontenduint160Specify which frontend to use in /dev/dvb/adapterX/frontendY
scan_all_freqboolnoScan each MHz additionally to the ones defined in the official frequency plan.
scan_qam64boolnoScan for QAM64 modulated DOCSIS stream. Those streams are very rare.
tuning_timeoutuint163Timeout in seconds when trying to tune to a given frequency.


Name Payload associated Description
docsis_scan_streamnoProvide information about discovered streams.


This event is generated whenever a DOCSIS stream is discovered.

Field Type Description
channel_bondingboolTrue for DOCSIS 3 bonded channels.
channel_iduint8DOCSIS channel id for bonded channels.
frequencyuint32Current frequency the card is tuned to.
input_namestringName of the input.
modulationstringModulation of the channel.
primary_capableboolThe bonded channel is able to register modems.
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