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This is a non exhaustive list of tested DVB cards. If yours is working or not and is not in the list, please add it.

IMPORTANT : DVB-C cards work for EuroDOCSIS stream ONLY. Similarly, ASTC cards will only work for US (aka normal) DOCSIS.

  • DVB-C cards
Name PCI-ID Tuner QAM64 QAM256 Notes
Mystique Cabix-C2 1131:7146 SAA7146 Yes Yes -
Satelco Easywatch “Basic Edition” 1131:7146 SAA7146 Yes Yes -
Hauppauge Nexus-C1131:7146SAA7146YesYes use dvb-ttpci driver
TechniSat Cablestar 13d0:2103 STV0297 Yes !! 10% packet loss with QAM256
TechniSat Cablestar HD2 1ae4:0002 xxx ?? ?? use Mantis Driver Collection
TechniSat Cablestar HD2 1822:4e35 ?? Yes Yes use Mantis Driver Collection
Twinhan VP-2033 1822:4e35 TDA10021 Yes Yes -
FireDTV 104c:8023 ?? Yes ?? doesn't work. Symbol rate max of card is 6900, eurodocsis use 6952
  • DVB-C sticks (USB)
Name VID:PID Tuner QAM64 QAM256 Notes
Technotrend TT-connect CT-3650 CI 0b48:300d TDA10023 Yes Yes Driver included since 2.6.35
Sundtek MediaTV-Pro eb1a:51b2 XXXXXXXX Yes Yes Driver runs in Userspace
  • ATSC cards
Name PCI-ID Tuner QAM64 QAM256 Notes
pcHDTV HD-5500 14f1:8800 cx88_dvb Yes Yes -
  • ATSC sticks (USB)
Name VID:PID Tuner QAM64 QAM256 Notes
Hauppauge HVR 950q 2040:7200 xc5000 ?? yes needed to pump the tuner timeout up to 7 seconds to acquire lock
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