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This target will display information about the matched packets.

Mode normal

In this mode, informations about packet headers will be displayed. Here are the parameters of this target :


Name Default value Description
skip0Number of headers to skip in the packet. For example, if you don't want to see the informations about the ethernet layer, set skip to 1.
debug_level3Debug level used when outputting the informations.
print_hexnoAdditionally to the header informations, target_display will show the packet content in hexadecimal.
print_asciinoWith this set to yes, a dump of printable characters found in the packet will be displayed.
conntracknoIf this is enabled, the target will save connection tracking informations for each connection. With this, you'll see all the packets of each connection. Not only the packets in a single direction.

Mode connection

In this mode, target_display will only show header information once for each new connection. It only has the parameter skip which behaves exactly like above.

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