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====== Events ====== Events are the link between parsing protocols and doing something useful with the result. The events will describe what happened on a protocol level with as much details as possible. Some events have one or more payload associated to them. For example, an HTTP request has a payload associated to it when the server returns the content of a web page. It might also have another payload associated if the client sends some information via a POST request. Here is a list of all the events : ^ Name ^ Source ^ Payload associated ^ Description ^ |[[pom-ng:analyzer:arp#arp_new_sta]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:arp|analyzer arp]]|no|New station found.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:arp#arp_sta_changed]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:arp|analyzer arp]]|no|Station MAC address changed.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:dns#dns_record]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:dns|analyzer dns]]|no|New DNS record found.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:docsis#docsis_cm_new]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:docsis|analyzer docsis]]|no|A new cable modem has been found.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:docsis#docsis_cm_reg_status]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:docsis|analyzer docsis]]|no|The registration status of a cable modem changed.| |[[pom-ng:proto:http#http_query]]|[[pom-ng:proto:http|protocol http]]|no|Contains all the information about an HTTP query made by a client to a server.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:http#http_request]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:http|analyzer http]]|yes|Compound event containing informations from both [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_query]] and [[pom-ng:proto:http#http_response|http_response]] event.| |[[pom-ng:proto:http#http_response]]|[[pom-ng:proto:http|protocol http]]|no|Contains all the information about an HTTP response sent to a client by a server.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:smtp#smtp_auth]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:smtp|analyzer smtp]]|no|Contains credentials for SMTP authentication.| |[[pom-ng:proto:smtp#smtp_cmd]]|[[pom-ng:proto:smtp|protocol smtp]]|no|Contains SMTP commands sent by clients.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:smtp#smtp_msg]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:smtp|analyzer smtp]]|yes|Generated for each SMTP message.| |[[pom-ng:proto:smtp#smtp_reply]]|[[pom-ng:proto:smtp|protocol smtp]]|no|Contains SMTP replies from the server.| |[[pom-ng:analyzer:tftp#tftp_file]]|[[pom-ng:analyzer:tftp|analyzer tftp]]|yes|Contains all the information about files transfered through TFTP.|

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