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====== Features wishlist (aka TODO list) ====== Here is a list of features that will be implemented sooner or later. ===== Core ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Statistics|Done|Released in v0.0.8|Add support for statistics. It should be possible to add any type of counter or gauge.| |Improve packet listener|Not started|Undefined|Make packet listener process protocols earlier in the code in case one of the later protocol issues PROTO_STOP.| |Improve locking contention|Not started|Undefined|Try to reduce lock contention by using gcc atomic builtin where possible. Clock would be a good start.| |Port to non-x86 arch|Not started|Undefined|Non-x86 arch are not allowed to perform non-aligned access. Proto 802.11 needs special handling for that and the rest of the code needs to be tested.| |Make system datastore optional|Not started|Undefined|Don't make a system datastore mandatory.| |Conntrack cleanup|Done|Released in v0.0.7|Cleanup the conntrack code to drop the field_id definitions and handle timeout when no child in the core.| |Conntrack expectations|Done|Released in v0.0.7|Allow conntracks to match related connections. Useful for protocols such as FTP or VoIP ones to match the additional connections.| ===== Inputs ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |DVBv5 API migration|Not started|Undefined|Migrate DVB inputs to the DVBv5 API.| ===== Protocols ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Signature matching|Not started|Undefined|Allow protocols such as TCP to match the next protocols based on a signature.| |NFS statistics|Not started|Undefined|Extract statistics about NFS requests, including NFSv4 COMPOUND statements. Example using tshark and awk (doesn't work with NFSv4):| ===== Datastore ===== ^ Name ^ Status ^ Target/Released version ^ Description ^ |Use home path for default datastore|Not started|Undefined|By default, the system datastore points to the current directory to store the db file (./pom-ng.db). It should point to ~/.pom-ng/sys_dstore.db or similar.|

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