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Output log_txt

The output log_txt will save events according to a template described into output_log_txt.xml. It will automatically start listening to the events described in the choosen template.


Name Type Default value Description
prefixstring/tmp/Log files prefix.
templatestring Template to use.


Name Description Log filename Monitored events
arpwatchLog all the arp activities into a log files similar to arpwatch's output.arp.logarp_new_sta, arp_sta_changed
docsis_monitorLog DOCSIS modem activity when they come online, timeout or disconnect.docsis.logdocsis_cm_new, docsis_cm_reg_status
http_apacheLog all HTTP requests into an apache like log file.http.loghttp_request
hashcat_msd5chapLog MD5(Chap) cryptographic material in a format suitable for hashcatmd5chap_4800.hashcatppp_chap_md5_auth
john_mschapv2Log MSCHAPv2 cryptographic material in a format suitable for john the rippermschapv2.johnppp_chap_mschapv2_auth
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